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How Boberto Learned to Like Being by Himself Sometimes by Steve Barancik
Learning to entertain yourself can be hard!

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Dad balances his checkbookBoberto doesn't know how to be alone.

He's always pestering his parents to spend time with him...but they have their own things to do! (Boberto's an only child, but his story speaks to any child who struggles with entertaining himself or herself.) He doesn't just feel alone when his parents aren't available to him, he feels unloved.

Since weaning him of their attention doesn't seem to work, Boberto's parents decide to give him exactly what he wants. No matter how boring an activity they're engaged in, Bobo is free to join in. Addressing a gazillion invitations? Balancing (snore) a checkbook? Boberto's invited!

Pretty soon though, Boberto realizes that being alone might just be more fun sometimes. And, sure enough, it is!

How Boberto Learned to Like Being by Himself Sometimes is one of our Behavior Books--downloadable stories that help your child tackle a problem behavior. The stories help your child feel less alone by introducing a character with a problem similar to your child's own. When the child in the book conquers the problem behavior, your child is inspired to do so too! Because the books are meant to be colored, your child is guaranteed prolonged exposure to the story's message.

And guess what: we're offering two for the price of one. (Because what child has only one problem behavior!)
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