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Co-authors Tom and Tess Hannah have been married for 38 years. During those decades, their 4 children provided much of the inspiration for their poems and illustrations. In fact, one son was enlisted to pose upside down for many minutes while his mother created a sketch to accompany their poem, “Under Where?”

A language arts teacher for 20 years, Tess has shared a variety of poems from their book with her students, and encouraged them to add artwork to their own writing projects. Tom, a salesman in real life, was often the “catalyst for crazy ideas” when launching a new poem. His wife often explains his creativity by saying,

Tom doesn’t just think outside the box. I don’t think he even knows that there is a box.

Because raising 4 children didn’t leave much time for writing poetry, Tom and Tess ended up storing their collection of verses under the couch for many years. When inspiration struck, time allowed, and the planets aligned, they would dig under the sofa, push the dust bunnies aside, and add new stanzas. In 2007 the Hannahs resurrected their creative collection one final time and gave birth to what Tess sometimes describes as their “5th child,” The Endless String.

Store note: Our downloadable version of The Endless String contains only about a third of the poems in the original hardcopy version, available from Amazon.

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Moose on the Loose, from The Endless String
The Endless String, by Tom and Tess Hannah
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Book of poems The Endless String by Tom and Tess Hannah is a husband/wife take (the wife is a teacher!) on Shel Silverstein.